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Moon Goddess Diana by meiyue
by meiyue

Wow, this is an exquisite piece of work! :wow: I am not too familiar with League, but I looked up other pictures to help me familiarize mys...

At The Pond by DrekkiHawke

Wow, this is simply amazing. Let me just say that you certainly have improved since the past year. :clap: I like how the picture is bright. ...

Is anyone not able to see their notifications? When I click notifications, it comes up as a blank page with the background of dA. 

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I am alive! :heart: :aww: :dummy: I was so afraid for this, but it wasn't really that bad. The worst part was the IV and getting into the OR since I was still awake for it. 

First the receptionist took my information and had me sign my soul away with all the paperwork involved. Soon after, it was time for me to get dressed and get in the IV. Let me tell you, I am a big baby when it comes needles. I always wanted a tattoo, but I won't be able to get one because I am deathly scared of needles. The nurse was so kind enough to use a baby needle on me since she could tell I was scared. It hurt, and still does! My poor dominant right hand has to be sore for the next day or so. :XD: Soon after I talked with the anesthesiologist about how much they wanted to give me. He was only going to give me a little bit since the procedure was only like 10-15 mins long. He also gave me a small dosage of a sedative to calm me down a bit, but enough to have me still coherent. The doctor wanted to talk to me while I was still coherent to see what exactly he was looking for.  Along with that was 2 other medications to combat nausea in case that I did have it when I woke up after the procedure. Shortly after they let my dad come into the back to say good luck. I remember going to the OR and talking to the doctor of what he should be looking for. After that, they fit this mouthpiece on me so that the tube can fit down my throat. One of the helpers asked me to move on my side, and after that---total blackness and out like a light. I woke up about 45 mins later, and God placed me under the care of a friend who I already knew as a nurse. These were the results:

1) No inflammation
2) No ulcers
3) Nothing developmentally wrong with the esophagus
4) Stomach lining was good
5) Only thing wrong was that I still had food left in me when I ate my dinner. 

With the food left in me, this is a new issue. This meant that my acid reflux could be coming from this all along. Either this has been going on my whole life, or that it is just now happening within the last couple of months. The acid in my stomach breaks down the food in the digestive system. If it can't, it produces too much acid which leads to my acid reflux problems. Now, I have to place a call with my regular doctor and see her on what is the next best option. I most likely have to do another test, a drinking test per say. No not that type of drinking. :P I would drink this dye infused liquid and from there the doctors track the liquid every so often to see where it is at in my stomach. If it is not reaching a certain point by a certain time, then that is where the problem is coming from. 

When I got home, I slept all freaking day long. No joke! I was so tired that I couldn't do anything, except eat. I wanted to eat when I got home, so my dad got me Wendy's with a large chocolate frosty. :meow:

So that was pretty much it! I know, I was acting like a baby---but for being under for the first time was scary. The last time I was under was for wisdom teeth, but I could still hear because it was local anesthesia. For this, I didn't hear--smell--taste--or see anything throughout the procedure. Now I know what to expect for the future. ^^
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